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What is car pooling

  • Carpooling is the shared use of a car by the driver and one or more passengers.
  • Carpooling arrangements and schemes involve varying degrees of formality and regularity.
  • Carpoolers use pool member's private cars, or a jointly hired vehicle, for private shared journeys.
  • Carpooling reduces the costs involved in repetitive or long distance driving by sharing cars, sharing rental charges, or paying the main car owner.
  • Some countries have introduced high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to encourage carpooling and use of public transport, to combat rising traffic congestion.
  • In reducing the number of cars on the road, carpooling decreases pollution and the need for parking space, and in a global perspective, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Shared driving carpooling can also reduce driving stress.
  • In some cases, companies or local authorities will introduce facilities to encourage private carpooling, often as part of wider transport programs. These can include central listing facilities, defined pick-up points, preferential parking and general advice.